Greenroom Awards Nominees!

CMT’s 2020 Greenroom Nominees

The time has come for the 2020 Greenroom Awards Nominees to be announced! We are thrilled to announce that two of our fabulous performers with Central Melbourne Talent, Willow Sizer and Honor Wolff, have been nominated for multiple 2020 Greenroom Awards for their work across a number of shows in 2019! We are absolutely thrilled and would love to extend a huge congratulations to both woman for their wonderful theatre work over the last year.


Greenroom Award Nominee: Willow Sizer

Willow Sizer


Congratulations to Willow for nominations in the following categories:

Throughout 2019 Willow was busy both producing and starring in her own work, and starring in some excellent Musical Theatre shows; which have all been recognised by audiences and industry critics alike. Willow’s 2018 self-produced cabaret Death Of A Demi Diva, filled with a smorgasbord of comedy hits in a range of styles and eras, made a return in 2019 for a limited time during Melbourne Cabaret and was an absolute smash! Antipodes Theatre Company brought the off-broadway musical about 4 four friends contemplating death and the existence of ghosts, to Melbourne audiences. The ensemble cast, including Willow, left their audience in awe of their mesmerizing musical story telling.



Greenroom Award Nominee: Honor Wolff

Honor Wolff


And another big congratulations to Honor for her nominations for ‘POOPIE TUM TUMS‘, in her comedy duo Hot Department (formerly The Very Good Looking Initiative):

  • Writing – Cabaret
  • Ensemble – Cabaret
  • Production – Cabaret






We are so proud of these women, who are both forging such promising careers and creating their own innovative work! Lots of exciting things to come for these two this year, following their numerous nominations; in a range of different categories. Congratulations ladies, and best of luck for your awards; we can’t wait to see what else 2020 holds!